You Can Buy Nyauw Gunartos Paintings For Your House

Are you looking to decorate your house? Well, there is no better way of doing it than to add some beautiful paintings. You will find a number of paintings on the market, but what you want to hang on the walls of your house depends upon your taste. Don’t rush into making the decision as to which painting you want to buy, as you are most likely to end up buying a wrong painting for your house. If you like paintings on nature, then you are going to like paintings from Nyauw Gunarto. He is one of the best painting artists in the world.

                                                 nyauw gunarto

Nyauw Gunarto was born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. He started painting at a very small age, and he mastered this skill at the age of 18. After that, he never looked back and painted some of the most amazing paintings that one could ever see. His paintings on nature are the main highlights.

                                              nyauw gunarto semarang

There is one thing about those paintings that make them so special, i.e., they don’t show the beauty and serenity of nature, but display a different angle altogether. His paintings show the dark side of nature, which is all because of the wrongdoings of human beings. But, you are going to love his paintings. So, buy them from a local art gallery.

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