Thailand is the new destination for Life after Retirement

Till now you have only heard Thailand be one of the loveliest tourist spots. It is also good to know that Thailand wins a prestigious position as one of the most favored post-retirement destinations in the world. In their golden years, what a retired couple need the most is quality leisure with money stretched as far as possible. Offering large cities like Bangkok to relaxed Chiang Mai with exquisite, serene beauty.


Let’s explore this article in our way to have an idea how to retire in Thailand and how much do I need financially.

  • Keeping in mind the varying exchange rates Thailand living standard can always be rated as relatively cheap than other places in the world.
  • An apartment on rent in the heart of the city on one of the populous cities of Thailand with three bedrooms would cost you around thousand dollars.
  • Some other utility things like internet connectivity and television and others would altogether cost you around less than hundred dollars.
  • Groceries for the month and dining out with other basic entertainment options it would cost you another thousand. Healthcare investment for seniors is somewhat expensive in Thailand as they are not entitled to any public health insurance, and they have to opt for private ones. This medical expense may range from $170.
  • A total of approx. $2000 is enough for a retired person to live happily and luxuriously in Thailand in today’s world.

A few notable places in Thailand where your mind would not always be crowded with ‘how much do I need this month’ are Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, HuaHin, Chiang Rai and many more where peace and budget living goes hand in hand.

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