Project Risk Management – What You Can Learn About Risk Management By Christopher Columbus

From the late 15th century several people involved with exploration believed the world was flat. But that still left the question of precisely how large the Earth was. Find more details about project risk management via

Project Risk Management - What You Can Learn About Risk Management By Christopher Columbus

It wasn't possible to carry enough food for a circumnavigation of the planet. So, for anybody setting off around the planet locating a source of water and food was a matter of life and death. Columbus knew he needed to find land.

Projects require credibility to get off the floor

It took Columbus seven years to increase the funding and the team to make his voyage across the Atlantic. Columbus didn't get anywhere until he had credible strategies.

Columbus first tried to find financing for his plot in 1485 in the Portuguese. However, his calculations to the circumference of the world weren't accepted and Columbus failed to find financing for his mission.

Columbus' fantastic incentive strategy

Despite getting support, Columbus wasn't really expected to return from his voyage across the ocean. So although the bargain he struck with his shareholders rewarded him very favorably, almost all of his terms were approved.

Columbus' pays off

Altogether Columbus made four crossings of the Atlantic. Each voyage led to new discoveries, though Columbus never managed to find his way into Asia as he planned:

His first voyage resulted in the discovery of the islands Columbus known as San Salvador in what are now better called the Bahamas;

On his fourth and last voyage, Columbus explored the Central American nations of Honduras and Panama.  

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