Fresh Fish Buying Tips


There are different types of fish available in the market. Some taste better when grilled while others taste better in curry or when fried. There are various things that should be considered while purchasing seafood, especially fish. Firstly, make sure the place from where you purchase fish, seafood, meat, vegetables or fruits should be very clean. Ideal temperature at which fish should be stored is 32 degrees Fahrenheit so the shopkeeper should keep their refrigerators at this temperature.

You can also use seafood delivery in Sydney to get fresh fish at home. Following are a few things you can check to ensure the fish or seafood is fresh:

  1. Fish should not smell like ammonia, in fact, it should have a very mild but fresh scent.
  2. Eyes of the fish should be a little protruding, bright and clear. If eyes of the fish are pink, sunken and cloudy then do not purchase it. This is because cloudy or pink eyes indicate the fish is not fresh and has been in storage for a long time
  3. The gills should not be slimy when touched. They should be bright pink or red in colour.
  4. You can check flesh by poking it softly; your finger should spring back. If the flesh is elastic and firm, it indicates the fish is fresh.
  5. If you are purchasing fish fillets then make sure the flesh is firm and elastic. Fresh fish fillets have a moist appearance and have no dried flesh. Make sure the flesh is not dark in colour or has any discolouration. Pre-packed fillets should have a minimal amount of liquid. This is because exposure to any liquid deteriorates fish quicker.

Moreover, clean and store your fish properly as soon as you bring it home.

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