Why Should Hijama be Practiced Often?

Want relief from pain, asthmas, skin issues, fertility problems, migraines and many other issues? Visiting a physician, going for overall medication isn't the only solution. There's another method of treating these issues. It's a natural therapy that was practiced by the Prophet in his life.

Why Should Hijama be Practiced Often?

Originally from the Islamic period, it had been widely believed that Allah provided a remedy for each illness. The Islamic medicine emerged due to the communication between Arab tradition and the outside or foreign influence. Somewhere around the ninth century, the Islamic medical society started to grow and they used a medication based on scientific facts.

Hijama is essentially a part of the tradition. In Arabic, it means sucking vacuum. But initially, it was called cupping because cups were used as the curative tool. Originally the cup or horn was warmed to make a negative pressure and it had been used to draw blood and pus but afterward, it was found that this was used in treating other problems and slowly it evolved into a therapeutic method.

It's also very beneficial in treating some clinical presentation of external pathogens which are fighting in the level of skin

It also assists in releasing toxins with without any excess stress to all of the internal body organs and it also directly de-acidifies tissues, strengthens circulation of blood vessels, helps to stimulate the immune system and in addition, it reduces stress since it releases chemicals from the human system which reduces depression and anxiety.

Activates the functioning of the organs.

It assists in treating kidney and liver issues, respiratory disorder, digestive disorder and several other gynecological disorders.

It assists in treating muscle strain.

It's also beneficial in treating painful joints, stomachache, and vomiting.

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