7 Questions To Ask While Buying A Natural Stone For Flooring!

Flooring is one of the most crucial decisions a person has to decide upon when it comes to home renovation or construction. It is the style of interior, the theme and type of home that normally affects the choice. Natural stones are one of the most preferred flooring material. There is a large variety available now in Sydney. Major tile vendors in Sydney now offer a vast variety in the types of natural stone that includes marble, travertine tiles, bluestone pavers, and what not. Natural stones can be used for flooring, wall tiles, perimeter walls and many more. Bluestone being one of the most popular among natural floor tiles is preferred in Sydney. Bluestone crazy paving is a great way to make lawns look elegant. But before making any decision on the type of natural stone to be used here are a couple of questions to ask your flooring vendor:

Ask for any industry certification or professional accreditations held by vendor: Reliability is more when the vendor from which we purchase stone complies all standards and holds any sort of certification or accreditation.

Price range of course affect the decision: Plan a budget for flooring. All those options of natural stone that does not fall within the budget is automatically eliminated. A little compromise may be justified if the stone chosen is of high quality and durability without much difference in price.

Thickness of the stone: Strength and durability of a natural stone is highly affected by the thickness of that natural stone. A less thick stone can be preferred for uses such as kitchen countertops. Interior floor and wall tiles are generally inch thick. Bluestone tiles in Sydney have considerably good thickness and strength.

Type of Finish: People commonly prefer polished or honed finish for interior or bathroom flooring. It is a matter of choice. For exterior pavers, porous or rough finish is most suitable especially for areas like swimming pool perimeters where traction is essential.

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