How to Make Money Handing Out Your Business Cards

The majority of us like to believe that by providing somebody our business card, we're developing a scenario whereby that individual will call us if and when they want our services or products. The bad news is that this rarely occurs. Why? Because most business cards wind up neatly filed away out of sight or permanently "registered" in the garbage can. Use of pure metal card can be unique and different way to express your business.

How to Make Money Handing Out Your Business Cards

The fantastic thing is that it does not have to be this way. There are many things you can do to get your business card noticed and kept in the foreground of your prospect's mind. This report investigates one proven way you may get more business from the business cards – printing on the back of them.

By doing this you can dramatically increase the probability that your prospect will keep your cards close at hand; and if you follow my suggestions, you can actually earn money by handing out your business cards.

Printing the back of your business cards is cheap!

Nowadays, there isn't any reason not to publish a message on the back of your business card. The extra expense of printing the back of your business cards is so insignificant that I suggest that all of my customers print the back of their business cards. You should too.

What do you print on the back of your card?

Well, I'll let you know what to print. Do NOT print more contact details. Don't publish more blah, blah; blah about how long you have been in business, how amazing you are, or how many workers you have, etc. 

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