Outdoor Survival Gear for Urban Use

If you reside in a metropolitan setting, what type of outdoor survival equipment can you put together that can assist you in a crisis situation? When you begin to put a kit together, the first things that you should consider are safety items. You can get more info about survival gear via visiting https://www.omnainc.com/.

Outdoor Survival Gear for Urban Use

Do you live or work in a really large city with mostly higher rise buildings or are you in a much smaller environment. Where you live and the environment around you can dictate what you need to carry.

If you're in a city that's in an earthquake zone, then compile a set of resources that might help you to get from a collapsed building or help others escape. Have some safety glasses that you could wear and a dust mask to use to prevent breathing it all of the dust.

Get yourself a small pry bar to get prying debris out of the way and possibly a fantastic pair of linesman pliers which could cut fence so that you won't need to go around it to get away. Think of other items that you could use according to your most likely situation.

On a general note, if you're attempting to make your way through a city and the utilities are shut down and you want water what can you do? First thing is to have some water as part of your survival equipment.

In the event that you needed a water filter your problem could be solved. There are little filters available you may carry along with your kit or even get one of those straw type filters. 

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