Advantages Of Bamboo Massage Therapy

Considering the many therapeutic advantages of bamboo massage for both therapists and clients, it's surprising it's not more easily found on spa menus. After all, bamboo has been regarded as a powerful healing tool in early China, Japan, and Indonesia. Bamboo still signifies energy, life, prosperity, fertility and longevity in these cultures.  Find more details about Massage Therapy through

Advantages Of Bamboo Massage Therapy

Today though, it's making an impressive comeback for a bodywork instrument and coveted beauty ingredient around the world. And for all the right reasons!

About Bamboo

Using Bamboo for Bodywork

For use in massage, sets of usually seven hollow bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters of typically 4 to 15 inches are treated for health and security reasons.

These bamboo canes are equally straight and hard, and at precisely the exact same time flexible and light as a result of silica covering its outer walls. Silica is a vital element for maintaining the integrity and health of the skin, ligaments, bones, and tendons.

Bamboo extract is the richest known source of protein; it comprises over 70% organic silica and is 10 times stronger than horsetail silica. Silica has a powerful restorative effect on several of the body's cells, making bamboo massage much more potent than only the professional's rolling and kneading maneuvers.

Some practitioners prefer to use the canes at room temperature, while some prefer to intensify the message by heating the bamboo at a commercial-grade heating pad. Much like warm stones, the belief is that the additional heat will penetrate more deeply into muscle and tissue layers.

Generally, the longer, thicker sticks are used for rolling and gliding movements, primarily for bigger muscles like the trunk and back Therapists deploy the shorter, thinner canes to discover built-up tension. 

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