Types Of Cable Drum Trailers Used In Construction And Industries

Cable drum trailers are usually used by utility workers, professional electrician and on construction sites. These are basically used for transporting reels of cables and wires from one place to another. There are basically two types of cable drum trailers that are used in construction projects and in industries and those are:


1. Manual trailers

These types of cable trailers are used as an economic solution for cable spooling. The main benefits of these trailers are that they are easy to use, do not require maintenance on a daily basis and cause no harmful fuel emissions or increased noise levels. For loading and unloading drums you can use forklifts, especially if it is a huge sized drum. However, you have to be very careful and insert the spindle in the centre of the drum so there are lesser chances of any accidents. You can also use a manual winch for loading and unloading them. When using manual winches, you need to be extra careful as there are more chances of drum rolling over and causing an accident especially if they are placed on a height.

2. Hydraulic trailers

This type of trailer consists of a compact diesel or petrol engine that has two main purposes. It is used for easy unloading loading of heavy cable drums and it is easily operated by using the hydraulic system. The main benefit of hydraulic cable trailers is that they provide with smooth spooling. Apart from that they also have disk brake, air brakes, self-loading capability and drum drive. This way you can easily transport the heaviest of cable reels from one place to another.

Above mentioned are two types that you can easily find in cable drum trailers for sale on websites or newspapers.

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