Sheryl Sandberg, The Short Bio Of A Powerful Woman

Few women stand out like one who is well known in the Geeky world of the internet and social media. She has cycled from being a political operator working as chief of staff for a US Senator to Google and Facebook. The last two are the most iconic names in the world today, leading the charge for the digital age and how it works in this brave new world of globalized connections.

Many can saw something about the intellectual Harvard mafia that is supposed to be running things in the US. However, Sheryl Sandbergwill be the first to tell you that the school is a homogenous culture with so intersecting and opposite beliefs, and independent individuals who have gone their own way with the help of a small group of friends from school.
You are whom you know is the operating principle here, and those you know not are often the self same critics that brand you with so many labels. Ms. Sandberg has risen beyond this, to create a unique public persona and has made her mark on this new and challenging age of open sourcing and spiking intelligence quotients. She has risen beyond the narrow parameters of school rivalries.
One question that she can ask of her audience, one that conflates with the billions of Facebook and Google users, is if they are ready for the totality of experience available today. An experience predicated on common humanity, respect for the environment, and the final quest for peace that satisfies history and the future. An experience that Facebook users are becoming more and more attuned to.
Most overachievers get to be big stars swallowed up by the system. But Sandberg and her bunch of internet mavens seemed to have experienced the opposite, becoming mavericks for a highly successful means of liberating the thoughts of billions. The establishment still looks at them as upstarts, even though most of them started within its halls.
With this power woman, the most humane actions are a matter of course. She could be making billions more than her publicized wealth of nearly 2 billion dollars, but she has stopped and seems to be doing cruise control on this. A powerful woman asking perhaps how much does one man really need for himself. In answer to his dreams and ambitions, the natural need for financial independence.
While every woman would love to live up to the female potential represented by Sandberg, people will have to admit that she is the exception and not the rule. But her followers form a nimbus of influence her nucleus of progressive impetus. She may be the number one female influencer of this generation.
Born in the eye of the counterculture storm, her family were refuseniks who helped the Jewish Aliyah from the repressive policies of the Soviet Union. Her academic records rose from outstanding in earlier years to stellar in college and graduate levels. This rise has continued or carried over into her professional career, something she shares with many of the directors Facebook has.

Her celebrity is on the quiet side, even as she has been named on many Top 100 lists of powerful personalities. Perhaps this is typical of Geeks, but she is on the business side of things, and is typically a hardworking COO, a financial expert who turned Facebook around from a cultish internet sensation to a megabillion one. Even as FB is facing challenges, it looks stable with her and her compatriots on the bridge.
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